La Federacion of Cantonia 粵人撐白紙革命 Cantonia supports white paper revolution in china


Cantonia supports white paper revolution in china


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Cantonia locates in Southeast Asia with the border of red china on the north, along with pearl river and Cantonia sea on the south. There are near 50 millions people whom live in Cantonia speak Cantonese and struggle or fight with the china colonists for their independence.


Canton is a geography term that the china government used to identify its rule on its colony.

Cantonese people refers as an ethic group people whom speak Cantonese as their mother language or people whom are able to read and write Cantonese.


Cantonia Anthem South Ocean Tide


Our edits in Wiki were removed and censored by agents from china, please come here to read articles about the Cantonia Independent Moment they removed in the Wiki site.


維基百科背後黑手 據吹哨人舉報,

一些被維基百科取消的賬戶,是中文維基百科的管理員,這意味著他們被維基百科的同行選舉為擁有特殊用戶權限的頁面管理者(https:// /,他們有退回用戶編輯,和禁止用戶編輯的權限。受中國政府委派的維基管理員可能會製造很多問題——例如,完全凍結一位支持民主的香港編輯的帳戶,使他們無法添加有關 2019-20 抗議活動的內容。


According to whistleblower,  Some of the mainland Chinese editors who were banned or eavesdropped (Wikipedia jargon for having their administrator privileges removed) were administrators on Chinese Wikipedia, meaning that they were elected by their peers on Wikipedia to have special user rights (, including the ability to block and unblock user accounts, and to lock certain pages from editing. A CCP hard-liner administrator could create a lot of problems—for instance, by fully immobilizing a pro-democracy Hong Kong editor’s account so that they are unable to add content about the 2019–20 protests.




講粵語,廣東話既民族系粵人,同藏人,維吾爾人都係少數民族,我地母語都唔係中國既語言普通話,我們都受到中國政府打壓,學校唔可以講母語,工作受到普通話漢人歧視話我地越南人,馬來猴子,而且被強逼講普通話,強逼被中國政府當成漢人,無民選代表為我地非中國主流 少數民族發聲。而且共匪響我地家鄉大建核電站,台山核電站已經洩漏,禍害不下於福島,係對我地粵族人屠殺。 我地主張系,恢復學校粵語,廣東話教學,民族自決,民族自治,要中共停止在粵區所有核電站運作,國際原子能機構派人去進行全面調查。

大粤國歌 南海潮



Events of Cantonia Independent War on china

2015年,中國國家發改委將廣東省的廣州、惠州、東莞及深圳光明新區列入試點,改善外來人口的福利,估計成本達1, 490億元人民幣,此舉激發起網絡上的罵戰。有廣州網民在微博上宣示不滿,認為此計劃沒有考慮過原住民感受,並批評外省人沒有決心融入,不學習廣州的文化,指“無義務將廣州的資源分給外省”,更有人高呼“廣州打響獨立戰爭!一人一票決定我地的未來!” 而外省網民則指廣州人不包容,認為應該允許全國人自由遷徙,更表示“沒有外來人口,廣州經濟將癱瘓”。

In 2015, China’s National Development and Reform Commission in Canton launched a social welfare project to improve the living of foreign workers in Canton at an estimated cost of 149 billion yuan, such action created a great dispute on the internet forum. local citizen in Guangzhou expressed their dissatisfaction on, believing that the plan did not take into account the feelings of the local cantonese, and criticized foreign people from other parts of China for not having the determination to integrate and learn Canton culture, saying that “they have no obligation to distribute Guangzhou’s resources to outsiders.” People label it as “Guangzhou’s (capital city of Canton) War of Independence! One person, one vote to decide the future of our land!” Chinaman pointed out that people of Canton were not tolerant and accept the doctrine of diversity.

2017年1月,廣州五羊小學推出了第一本小學校本粵語教材《粵讀羊城》,此舉讓很多廣州人反響熱烈。然而此事卻在中國互聯網掀起了討論熱潮,有人批評推廣粵語是對國家標準語言文字教育推廣的阻礙,“顯然是一種地方主義渲染,極不利於國家穩定與統一”,希望當局出手製止,又質疑此舉是為了建立學生使用粵語的自豪感。安徽一名名為章曉華的高中語文老師甚至在微博指這是在鼓吹粵獨,質疑學校違反憲法在內多條法律。 章曉華同時認為,中國人應該“維護中央權威、推動國家統一、促進民族融合”,否則會重蹈南斯拉夫解體的覆轍。更有網友向教育部舉報五羊小學做法。香港有線電視新聞台為此事曾經聯絡章曉華,但對方拒絕回應,事件令五羊小學備受壓力,校方多次婉拒受訪,更指學校教材無存貨,無法向外界借閱。

In January 2017, Guangzhou Wuyang Primary School launched the first primary school-based Cantonese textbook “Yangcheng in Cantonese”, which made big welcome from many local cantonese people. However, this incident has set off a hot discussion on the Internet in china. Some people criticized the promotion of Cantonese as an obstacle to the promotion of the national standard language education. “It is obviously a localist exaggeration, which is extremely detrimental to the stability and unity of the country.” I hope the authorities will stop it. It is also questioned that the move is to build students’ pride in using Cantonese. A high school chinese teacher named Zhang Xiaohua in Anhui even pointed out on that Cantonese people was advocating Canton independence and beleived the school violated of various laws including the constitution of red china. Zhang Xiaohua also believes that the chinese should “maintain the authority of the central government, promote national unity, and promote national integration”, otherwise they will repeat the same mistakes as Yugoslavia’s disintegration. Some chinaman reported the practice of Wuyang Primary School to the Ministry of Education. Hong Kong TVB contacted Zhang Xiaohua about this matter, but the other party refused to respond. The incident put Wuyang Primary School under pressure. The school declined to be interviewed many times, and said that the school did not have stock of textbooks and could not borrow them from the outside world.

2018年8月,有自稱是中共體制內的公安系統人員在網上曝光了中國大數據情報系統的信息。其中,公安系統對“極端言論人員”的分類中包括了“粵獨”人員,與蒙獨、疆獨、藏獨、台獨和滬獨並列。 對於近年網絡上出現的“廣東獨立”聲音,有網絡評論者認為,廣東一些本土人士具有“本土優越感“以及“本土危機感”,是一種“網絡部落主義”,並認為廣州的撐粵語遊行就是矛盾激發的例證。該評論者同時表示,歷史上李鴻章和歐榘甲等計劃的廣東獨立,目標仍然是為了恢復大一統,獨立並非目的。喬治梅森大學經濟歷史學者馬克·小山(Mark Koyama)則在一次訪談中提到他與中國人交談的經歷和感受,認為中國人“比想像中更分離主義”,特別是來自“上海地區或粵港地區”的人士。他同時指出,中國歷史上每幾百年便會進入分裂的格局,因此如果將來有大災難或是崩潰事件,也很可能會再次分裂。

In August 2018, whistleblowers who claimed to be within the ccp system exposed information about china’s big data intelligence system online. Among them, the classification of “extremist separatists” by the national security system includes “Cantonia (Canton) independence supporters”, which is connecting with Mongolia, East Turkestan, Tibetan , Taiwan and Shanghai independence supporters. Regarding the voice of “Canton independence” that has appeared on the Internet in recent years. Some commentators believe that local ethic group in Canton who speak Cantonese have a “local sense of superiority” and a “local sense of crisis”, which is a kind of “Internet tribalism”, and believe that the “support for the Cantonese parade” took place in Guangzhou is an example of separation-ism. The commenter also stated that the goal of Canton independence planned by Li Hongzhang and Ou Jujia in history is still to restore the unification of china, and breaking china into parts was not the goal. Mark Koyama, an economic historian at George Mason University, mentioned in an interview with the chinaman, arguing that the chinamen are very divided, especially those from Shanghai,Canton and Hong Kong”. He also pointed out that china has entered a pattern of division every few hundred years in history, so if there is a catastrophe of china in the future, china is likely to be divided again.


On January 1, 2019, in the New Year’s Day parade in Hong Kong which organized by HongKong political activists,a political organization from Canton raised the Kapok flag of supporting Canton independence. The parade also included Tibet, Taiwan, East Turkistan,Southern Mongolia, Manchuria, Fujian, Bashu and Shanghai political organizations. In addition to Hong Kong independence slogans, demonstrators also chanted slogans such as “Independence of Cantonia, Guangxi and Fujian”. Zheng Xia, a Hong Kong separatist who participated in the parade, said in an interview that although the parade has little local response in Hong Kong, it has received support from many separatists in china and abroad. They responded with their interest and wanted to fund the march.


On August 23, 2019, the Anti-Communist Independence Movement Political Party Conference jointly organized by the Shanghai National Party and the Uyghur American Association was held on Capitol Hill in Washington, the capital of the United States. Participants included supporters of independence movements in Hong Kong, East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia and Cantonia, as well as people from the people’s republic of china democracy movement. The meeting agreed that the transformation of a unified China into a multinational system would benefit human rights and freedoms in the East Asian continent, and condemned china’s crackdown on Hong Kong’s campaign against the extradition bill amendment.

2019年 11月 廣東茂名民眾抗議政府在本地興建火葬場期間喊出,光復茂名 時代革命 ,的口號,與香港開展的香港獨立運動呼應(時代革命光復香港,是香港議員梁天琦創立的香港獨立口號). 並且與公安發生衝突,推翻多輛警車.

In November 2019, people in Maoming, Canton protested against the government’s construction of a local crematorium. The slogan, “Recover Maoming Times Revolution,” echoes the Hong Kong independence movement launched in Hong Kong (the times revolution restores Hong Kong, which is the slogan of Hong Kong independence founded by Hong Kong Senator Leung Tianqi) . And clashed with the police, damaged multiple police cars.

2020年 2月19日, 某熱心人士於美國註冊成立,粵國臨時政府紐約辦事處.

On February 19, 2020, political activist in United States registered an organization names La Federacion of Cantonia in connected with Independent moment in Canton


At the end of June 2020, china passed the Hong Kong National Security Law that attracted global attention, and according to the Hong Kong police’s action guidelines for the “Hong Kong version of the National Security Law”, examples of acts endangering national security were mentioned, including demonstrators waving designated flags. Examples of flags listed by the police include the Guangdong Independence Flag that appeared in the 2019 New Year’s Day parade.

2021年6月 芳村因假疫情封區期間粵獨民兵組織嶺南民團搗毀共匪隔離欄,多位民團人士失踪,包括隊長崔建彪.

In June 2021, when Pfhonchon of Guangzhou(capital city of Canton) was block out due to a fake epidemic, a military group calls Lingnan Militia lead by Captain Cui destroy the isolation fence built by china commies and tried to escape the encirclement from their enemy , many members of the organization went missing including Captain Cui during the operation.


On September 30, 2021, outside the chinaman embassy in Washington, the capital of the United States, activists of different ethnic groups such as Uyghurs and Afghans held a protest against china’s National Day. Participants burned the china flag and the ccp flag. They also included pro-democracy activists who supported Canton independence and waved the “three-color kapok flag”, a contemporary symbol of canton nativism or Canton independence. Chen Shisheng, a supporter of Canton independence who participated in the event, expressed his support for the independence and self-determination of people of all ethnic groups under the ccp’s rule, and said: “We Cantonese people do not have votes, (in fact) we also have the right to referendum.

2022 年八月被囚禁的赖姓粤獨運人士被中國殖民政府當局释放

On August,2022,a Cantonia political activist Mr. Lai released by the china colonial government.


2022年8月 粵獨組織嶺南同鄉會與滬裔美國人協會分別在世界日報和星島日報刊登文章支持佩洛西訪問台灣,反對在美中國殖民政府代理人干預美國和台灣內政的行為

In August 2022, La Federacion of Cantonia(an organization supports Canton Independence) and the Shanghai American Association posted articles in the World Daily and Sing Tao Daily respectively to support the visit of Taiwan conducted by U.S congressman Nancy Pelosi  and oppose the interference of the internal affairs of the United States and Taiwan by agents from the china colonial government.




On September,2022, due to china virus outbreak and restriction,  local residents of  Canton have problem of access public transportation. They express their anger toward the silly policy made by the china beijing government on the internet by posted comments such as “Cantonese people desire self governing Canton” and “Cantonese rule Canton”.

2022 年九月十九日 以粵獨為主題的網頁 正式上線

September 19, 2022, a website that promotes Canton independence launches online officially.


2022 年 九月 維基百科編輯權糾紛 粵獨團體被維基百科管理員威脅取消其編輯權,粵獨團體建議用法律解決糾紛,被維基百科管理員定義為人身威脅,並永久禁止其 IP 進行編輯。粵獨團體表示保留法律追究權利。

September, 2022 Wikipedia users’ rights dispute

Canton Independent advocator was threatened by the Wikipedia administrator to cancel his editing rights. The editor proposed to follow the legal matters and resolve the dispute, which was defined as a personal threat by the Wikipedia administrator and permanently banned his IP from editing. The advocator and Canton Independent supporters reserves the right to pursue legal action against

2022 年10月1日 持粵獨,滬獨, 東土爾其國旗等數十人於紐約匪領館前遊行抗議撐香港時代革命, 並且到唐人街與參與慶祝共匪建國的人士外交官對持,踐踏匪國國旗.

October,1st 2022, supporters of Shanghai Independence, Cantonia Independence and East Turkestan Human Right marched in front of the consulate of china in New York protested the human rights violation of red china and support HongKong people’s revolution against china. Later they showed up on the china commie festival  and protested in front of china embassy’s officers.


2022 年十月一日 加州三藩市民眾抗議共匪遠東地區暴行的遊行中, 出現舉木棉花旗,支持廣東獨立 自称 Cantonia Independent Party 的遊行人士. 他認為廣東是其家園,共匪用極權消滅其文化,並且被當地粵語台報導.

October,1st 2022, during the anti-commies china protest in San Fransisco California, protesters who raised “three-color kapok flag” claimed himself as a member of Cantonia Independent Party appeared on the scene. He believes china is destroying his home town. The local Cantonese news channel also reported this event.


2022 年 10月,雙十節前後, 紐約唐人街, 紐西蘭匪國領馆, 某國天桥等多處,出現了 “Cantonia(粵獨英文)is not china” 和譴責中國政府於九十多年前屠殺廣州人的海報。

On October , 2022, before and after the national day of the Republic of china, posters stated “Cantonia (Canton independence in English) is not china” and condemned the Guangzhou massacre conducted by the government of china more than 90 years ago appeared in many locations of New York chinatown, New Zealand china consulate, and over head bridge of a western country.


10月20日 2022年, 粵獨熱心人士於加拿大沃太華匪國大使館前聯同支持維吾爾人的加拿大維權人士 聲討 共匪第二十次 對嶺南和東土耳其等殖民地的分贓會議。並要求習近平,李克強等非民選官員落台

October 20, 2022, Cantonia activist joined civil rights activists of Canada who support East Turkestan independent moment to condemn the un-elected china commie party 20th National Congress. They also asked un-elected china officers to resign from their thrones.


10月26日 2022年, 粵獨人士與維吾爾族維權人士參與加拿大議會的對華譴責和 M62 法案討論,並在加拿大國會山展示粵獨和東土耳其標誌

October 26 2022, Cantonia Independent Movement advocator joined Canadian Uyghur Community and Canadian Congress for M62 law debate to condemn the genocide against Uyghurs in china occupied colony. Cantonia and East Turkestan icons displayed in the Canadian Parliament Hill.



10月30日 2022年,大粵愛國者參與維吾爾協會和上海民族黨舉行的反中國大一統集會,地點紐約法拉盛.

October 30 2022, Cantonia patriot joined the meeting sponsored by Shanghai National Party and Uyghur Association in Flushing New York

11月1日 2022年,大粤愛國者到共匪海外公安局 紐約東百老汇107 號踢場

November 1 st, 2022, Cantonia patriot explored the oversea china police station on East Broadway New York

2022年11月12日是東土耳其國慶日。 流亡荷蘭的粤獨活跃人士劉飛龍受邀參加阿姆斯特丹的示威遊行。

November 12th, 2022 is East Turkistan National Day. Lau Fei-lung, an activist from Cantonia exiled in the Netherlands, was invited to participate in the demonstrations in Amsterdam.


2022年 11月18日,大粵網 遭遇共匪黑客第一次根攻擊,管理員頁面無法登入。大粵愛國者與共匪的戰爭終於升級至 虛擬網絡空間。

November,18 2022 was under root attack by china commies. Administrator page was disabled by malware. War between Cantonia patriots and china colonists level ups into the cyberspace.


2022 年 11月27日 粵獨人士參與海珠廣場白紙革命反對共匪封控清零政策,現場出現廣東獨立口號

November,27 2022 Cantonia independent activists joined the white paper revolution in Pearl Square of Canton City against the zero covid policy and yelled out the slogan of Canton Independence.


2022年11月29日。粵獨,滬獨人士於匪國領館前聲援 東土耳其斯坦火災受害者反對共匪清零政策,並接受不同媒體記者採訪

November 29 2022, Cantonia and Shanghai Independent moment activists showed support on East Turkestan and china zero covid policy victims. They also met with reporters from different media.


1月22日 2023年,粵獨組織嶺南同鄉會,上海議會和諸夏各組織共同在紐約中領館前舉辦了 十二獨 反 中央集權大遊行。粵獨既 木棉花旗,銅鼓南獅旗皆有出現在會場。粵獨人士曹艾莊並演奏粵獨國歌

January, 22nd 2023, La Federacion of Cantonia, Shanghai Congress, and Far East Independent organization joined together in New York City and conducted an anti-dictatorship and Central government demonstration. During the demonstration, Cantonia Independent flags, the kapok flag, and Cantonia lion flag displayed during the event. Cantonia independent activist Aizhou Cho played the Cantonia National Anthem at the beginning of the event.


On February 20, 2023, during the international language day, a group of Cantonia Independence activists recorded a video on Youtube to indicate the diversity of languages and cultures in the Cantonia region.

2023年 2月20日, 粵國獨立黨於世界語言日錄製了一段講述 嶺南地區 語言多樣性的視頻


February, 25, 2023 Cantonia Independence activist speaks with U.S house representative and chairman of Anti-CCP committee Mike Gallagher outside the former china spy office in Chinatown. Drum Lion Flag (Cantonia flag) also appears in the scene

2 月 25日,2023年, 美國國會反共委員會在前中共代理人辦公室前舉行反共會議。粵獨銅鼓南獅旗出現於現場,粵獨活躍人士曹艾莊也參與現場談話。



中國殖民政府為把嶺南地區建成世界工廠,必須沒滿足巨大的用電需求,所以在嶺南地區不斷興建核電廠。但由於中國不掌握核電廠建設 全套技術,所以把工程外包法國公司。又由於政府層層腐敗貪污,所使用材料均為次等,導致核電廠多次出現核洩漏問題。部分評論人甚至認為,由於獨裁國家的行政不透明,欺上瞞下,台山核電危機很大可能是堪比福島核電危機的世紀大危機,呼籲國際原子能機構介入調查,並且盡快停止運作。


Taishan Nuclear Crisis

china planed to build its Canton colony into a world factory, and the region had to meet a huge demand for electricity, so nuclear power plants were continuously built in the Cantonia area. However, since China does not have the full set of technologies for nuclear power plant construction, it outsourced the project to a French company. In addition, due to corruption in all levels of the government, the materials used for the construction were inferior, resulting in leakages of the power plant. Commentators even believe that an in-transparent administration of the plant will result to a nuclear crisis comparable to the Fukushima incident in Japan, and the International Atomic Energy Agency has to investigate the plant. Operations of the power plant need to stop completely.


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  • The Chinese fear Native Canronese wake up : Cantonese originally had own independece country and was wiped out by the Chinese 2000 years ago ! CANTONESE IS THE ONE PART OF VIET, and therefore, Cantonese is not the Chinese Han!

  • The Chinese fear Native Canronese wake up : Cantonese originally had own independece country and was wiped out by the Chinese 2000 years ago ! CANTONESE IS THE ONE PART OF VIET, and therefore, Cantonese is not the Chinese Han!

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